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Software & Curriculum Keyboarding / Typing Instruction

Adult Grades: 3-5 Grades: 6-8
Grades: 9-12 Grades: PreK-2  
UltraSlim Keyboard Cover

SpeedSkin’s blank keyboarding covers improve keyboard memorization, speed, and accuracy when used with typing software. SpeedSkins cover only letter, number,...
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Typing Pal Online - 1 Year Annual School License

Is this your first year?  All first year orders must include the $30 set up fee. Why are...
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Keyboarding / Typing Instruction Grade Platform Options/Add to Cart
How to Teach Keyboarding Book - Download Only
All Book
UltraKey 6 The Ultimate Keyboarding Tutor
All Mac / Win
UltraKey Online
All Mac / Win
Typing Pal Online - 1 Year Annual School License
K-12 Online
Typing Tournament
All Mac / Win
Typing Tournament Online
All All
Mickey's Typing Adventure
K-5 Win or Mac
Mickey's Typing Adventure Web
K-4 Online
Typing Instructor for Kids
K-5 Win or Mac
Typing Instructor Platinum
5-12 Win or Mac
Typing Instructor Web
4 - 12 Online
Typing Instructor Web for Kids
K-5 Online
All the Right Type 3 Plus
3-12 Mac / Win
All the Right Type Online
3-12 Mac / Win
Type to Learn Cloud Subscription
K-12 Mac / Win
Typing Agent
K-12 Online
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