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Key Skills for Reading: Letters and Words

Item #: SUN019
Publisher: Sunburst
Grade Level: K-2
Platform: Mac / Win  
Key Skills for Reading: Letters and Words
Key Skills for Reading: Letters and Words | Sunburst Key Skills for Reading: Letters and Words | Sunburst
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Key Skills for Reading: Letters and Words, you receive five discrete activities that provide students with high-interest bursts of animated practice and targeted reading support. A diagnostic assessment engine at the center of the program lets you monitor progress and respond effectively to individual needs.

Your students will stay motivated to learn with the activities' clear auditory support, positive on-screen feedback, colorful rewards, and printable progress reports. An easy-to-navigate learning environment, with connected activities and a common interface, keep students focused on developing essential skills.

Alphabet Derby

  • Alphabetize letters and words
  • Learn the order of the alphabet

Junkyard Sorting

  • Sort words by initial consonant sounds
  • Build phonemic awareness skills

The Bread Shed

  • Match simple and complex rhyming words
  • Understand common spelling patterns

Wheel O' Words

  • Create words by matching onsets and rimes
  • Develop word building skills

Hungry for Vowels

  • Identify short and long vowel sounds
  • Develop listening skills

Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Macintosh OS 9.x, 10.5, 10.5 including Intel Mac

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