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Product Catalog > Hardware & Accessories > Headphones & Listening Centers  > Listening Center 4LC63M

Listening Center 4LC63M

Item #: 4LC63M
Publisher: AVID Education
Grade Level: All
Listening Center 4LC63M
Listening Center 4LC63M | Headphones & Listening Centers Listening Center 4LC63M | Headphones & Listening Centers
Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications
AVIDís Listening Centers allow students to work and learn in groups. Each position on the Jack Box comes with its own volume control. AVIDís Listening Centers work easily with CD Boom Boxes, cassette Boom Boxes, computers and other audio brands.

4LC63M Ė Stereo Listening Center with an Eight position Jack Box with 6.3mm (1/4Ē) sockets and Four AE-808 Headphones.
The carrying case is tough ABS plastic to prevent damage but is light weight to make storing and moving easy. The set is completed with several of our most durable and popular headphones in the educational market.
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