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Product Catalog > Software & Curriculum > Special Education  > TECEL: Test of Early Communication and Emerging Language

TECEL: Test of Early Communication and Emerging Language

Item #: 12640
Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
Grade Level: All
TECEL: Test of Early Communication and Emerging Language
TECEL: Test of Early Communication and Emerging Language | Special Education TECEL: Test of Early Communication and Emerging Language | Special Education
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Revision of the Nonspeech Test! Now you can assess the language abilities of infants and toddlers; or test older individuals who have moderate to severe language delays.

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Ages: 2 weeks to 24 months (standard scores, percentiles, and age equivalents); older children, adolescents and adults who have language delays (age equivalents only)
Testing Time: 15 to 45 minutes
Administration: Individual observation and/or parent/caregiver interview

The Test of Early Communication and Emerging Language (TECEL) assesses the earliest communication behaviors and emerging language abilities in infants and toddlers up to 24 months old. It is well-constructed, reliable, practical, research-based, and theoretically sound.

The TECEL is a revision and standardization of Mary Blake Huer?s Nonspeech Test, a well-regarded assessment used with both typically developing young children and with older individuals with moderate-to-severe language delays.

The TECEL can be used by:

Speech Language Pathologists
Early Intervention and Early Childhood Professionals
Special Educators
Assistive Technology and AAC Specialists
and related professionals.

It can be used to: (1) assess and chart communication and language strengths and weaknesses and design intervention plans, (2) make estimates about future language development, and (3) serve as a research tool for investigating early communication and emerging language. Proed

COMPLETE TECEL KIT INCLUDES: Examiner?s Manual, Picture Plates, 25 Examiner Record Booklets, 25 Informal Assessment and Intervention Plans and an Object Kit, all in a sturdy storage box.

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