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Product Catalog > Software & Curriculum > Applications  > Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 & Premiere Elements 13 Student & Teacher Edition

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 & Premiere Elements 13 Student & Teacher Edition

Item #: 59799
Publisher: Adobe
Grade Level: All
Platform: Mac / Win  
Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 & Premiere Elements 13 Student & Teacher Edition
Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 & Premiere Elements 13 Student & Teacher Edition | Applications Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 & Premiere Elements 13 Student & Teacher Edition | Applications
Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications

Live in the moment knowing that Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 & Adobe Premiere Elements 12 - the #1 selling consumer photo and video editing software - makes it easy to turn everyday snapshots and videos into sensational photos and home movies. Powerful yet simple options take the work out of editing, and you can share on social networks, discs, and more. Plus, get a US$20 card from Shutterfly to do more with your photos

Count on step-by-step assistance with photo editing:

  • Want to fix a photo scratch, add a vignette effect, or create the perfect portrait? Use Guided Edits to get help with key steps so you can get the results you want fast.

Choose a trusted solution:

  • Bring your photos and videos to life with a powerful solution from the makers of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro, industry-leading professional photo and video editing software.

Do it all with one powerful yet easy-to-use product:

  • Intuitively organize and find photos and videos; edit and enhance photos; create custom photo keepsakes; edit your video footage manually or use smart, automated moviemaking options; and share via print and the web.

Easily keep track of your memories:

  • Find and manage all your photos and video clips in the convenient Organizer.
  • Use automated options to find your best photos and clips, or photos of specific things and people.

Create a polished movie instantly:

  • Take advantage of Hollywood directors' techniques with InstantMovie, which automatically edits together your best clips with coordinated music, titles, and effects from your choice of movie theme.
  • New themes are included.

Go from flawed snapshots to phenomenal photos in seconds:

  • Use one-step shortcuts to whiten teeth; make skies bluer; or fix color, contrast, and lighting - and then choose the best result from a group of adjustment previews. Instantly remove clutter from photos, too.

Save time with automated moviemaking options:

  • Let Adobe Premiere Elements automatically fix shaky footage and color and lighting problems, trim away all but your best footage, and balance audio elements to give you professional-quality sound throughout your movie.

Dramatically transform your photos with easy-to-use options:

  • Enhance specific areas of your photos with 100 brush-on effects.
  • Convert your color originals to elegant, nuanced black-and-whites, or quickly adjust color to get the perfect look.

Make movies with drag-and-drop ease:

  • Create your story fast in Quick Edit mode, an easier alternative to the more traditional video editing Timeline.
  • Make your movie by simply dragging and dropping thumbnails of your clips, transitions, and effects.

Easily create the perfect photo:

  • Take advantage of amazing Photomerge technology to match the style of one photo to another; create fuller panoramas, perfectly lit shots, and great group shots; and combine elements of different faces for entertaining results.

Show off your creativity with flexible photo layouts:

  • Make calendars, scrapbook pages, cards, and more in minutes using professionally designed templates, or customize every aspect of your creations. Get fun, fresh looks with new artwork and templates.

Add quality movie effects, transitions, and sound:

  • Use FilmLooks to apply favorite cinematic styles to your movies.
  • Easily combine elements from different scenes for entertaining results.
  • Add hundreds of special effects and transitions, and use SmartSound to add musical soundtracks that automatically adjust to match the length of your movie.

Easily do more with video clips and photos:

  • Make all your memories shine whether they're captured on video or in photos. For example, enhance color in video clips as easily as you do in photos, and quickly bring photos to cinematic life using customized pan and zoom motions.

Showcase in a variety of ways:

  • Share your photos and movies on discs and social media sites, in interactive Onl

**Proof of Academic Affiliation required when ordering**

Windows XP with SP 3, Vistaฎ (all applications run native on 32-bit operating systems and in 32-bit compatibility mode on 64-bit operating systems), or Windows 7

Mac OS X v10.5.8 through v10.7

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