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Product Catalog > Software & Curriculum > Special Education  > Assistive Technology Kit

Assistive Technology Kit

Item #: 10080900
Publisher: AbleNet Inc
Grade Level: All
Assistive Technology Kit
Assistive Technology Kit | Special Education Assistive Technology Kit | Special Education
Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications

AbleNet has created this portfolio of top-quality up to date products in a kit for your demonstration use. We are excited to offer you an opportunity provide a hands-on experience with this technology at your events. Our goal is that use of this kit will provide a deeper understanding and application of assistive technology at home, school, clinic, or in the community. Included: Key AbleNet Assistive Technology products Instruction Binder complete with product manuals Portable organized case on wheels On –line support materials and videos The AbleNet Assistive Technology Kit is available for short-term loan or purchase.

The AT Kit includes:

  • Powerlink4 Control Unit
  • Jelly Beamer
  • Cling! Eval Kit
  • Electrical fan Night light
  • Jelly Beamer Transmitter
  • Jelly Beamer with Wireless SLAT
  • Velcro strap
  • Battery Operated Pig Microlight
  • Buddy Button
  • Talking Brix package
  • BIGmack
  • Little Step by Step
  • Italk 2
  • New Quicker Talker
  • BDA- AA
  • BDA- CD
  • Super Talker
  • Lingo all in one
  • USB Switch Click
  • Hitch computer interface
  • Latitude Mounting system with circular plate
  • Splatz Spec Switch
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