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Max's Toolbox

Item #: Max
Publisher: Max's Toolbox
Grade Level: K-5
Platform: Win  
Max's Toolbox
Max's Toolbox  | Art & Creativity Max's Toolbox  | Art & Creativity
Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications

Help ALL students express themselves in Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®!

When the creators of Max's Toolbox asked FableVision Learning to carry their renowned classic software, we jumped at the opportunity. We have long been fans of this "kid-friendly" intro to Microsoft® Office — a powerful tool that can be tricky to learn. With Max's Toolbox, kids — and teachers too — will find it a breeze to master PowerPoint, Word, and even Excel!

  •  Extends a student’s creative abilities, literacy, and numeracy.
  •  Provides resources to help educators teach skills across all curriculum areas.
  •  Suits all learning styles and supports students with disabilities.
  •  Prepares students for state and nationwide testing.

Maxs Toolbox

The Max’s Toolbox suite includes three innovative programs:

(For use with Microsoft® Word)

  • Provides intuitive icons and tools that allow students to express themselves on the printed page.
  • Includes easy-to-use templates, age-appropriate cross-curricular clip art, a paint tool, and ability to import images.
  • Reads text using text-to-voice technology and Microsoft® Agent (Peedy).

(For use with Microsoft® PowerPoint)

  • Encourages students to create engaging presentations with their own pictures, sounds, and videos.
  • Allows children to present to non-reading friends with text-to-speech function.
  • Enables emerging writers and ELL students to record their voices to supplement writing.


(For use with Microsoft® Excel)

  • Makes learning about numbers, charts, spreadsheets, & graphs fun!
  • Teaches basic skills of graphing, counting, making tables, sorting, grouping, & matching.
  • Provides math, graphing, and beginner database activities.

System Requirements:

Operating System Office Version
Max's Toolbox Version

2010 Version 3
Windows 7

2010 Version 3
2013 Version 4
Windows 7

2013 Version 4
Windows 8 or 10
Upgraded from 7

2013 or 2010
Will run if Max's Toolbox Version 4 is installed on Windows 7 prior to upgrading to Windows 8 or 10
Windows 8 or 10
2013 or 2016
Not compatible
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