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Saxon Phonics & Spelling 1 32 Student Kit

Item #: 9781591416425
Publisher: Saxon
Grade Level: 1
Platform: Kit  
Saxon Phonics & Spelling 1 32 Student Kit
Saxon Phonics & Spelling 1 32 Student Kit | Saxon Saxon Phonics & Spelling 1 32 Student Kit | Saxon
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Each Saxon Phonics and Spelling lesson introduces new concepts using carefully-selected activities. Scripted lessons provide the teacher with questioning and review strategies that engage students and encourage participation. Each lesson presents a new increment of instruction and reviews previous learning.

Research-supported classroom instruction delivers results

  • provides systemic, multiple exposures to the most critical reading and spelling skills
  • increases teaching effectiveness through flexible, easy-to-use lesson scripts
  • introduces concepts incrementally to ensure children's daily and long-term success
  • practices ad reviews concepts daily
  • supports progress monitoring through ongoing, cumulative assessments and clearly outlined remediation strategies and activities
  • Grade: 1
  • Material Type: Resource Materials
  • Format: Kit
  • ISBN-13/EAN: 9781591416432
  • ISBN-10: 1591416434
  • Product Code: 1265325
  • National/State: National
  • Copyright Year: 2006

Saxon Phonics & Spelling classroom kit includes the Teacherís Manual (Volumes 1 and 2), the Teacherís Resource Binder, and all necessary classroom and student materials for classes of thirty-two (no photocopying necessary), along with file folders and plastic crates for storage. The nonconsumable student materials included are 4 sets of average leveled colorful fluency readers (26 unique titles), Review Decks with dividers and storage box, Wall Cards, Posters, Kid Cards with dividers and storage box, and an Audio CD. The consumable student materials included are a classroom set of all student worksheets and assessments organized in file folders by lesson and stored in stackable, reusable plastic crates with lids and casters, 32 Alphabet handwriting strips, 52 unique titles of decodable readers and collection box (1 set per student), Letter tiles and 32 Student Spelling Dictionary and Reference Booklets.

Classroom Materials

  • Review Decks facilitate a daily review of concepts
  • Wall cards displaying the alphabet and reading and spelling rules provide easy reference for students
  • Kid Cards facilitate multisensory activities
  • An Audiocassette of phonetic sounds models the precise pronunciation of the English language.
  • Four copies of average Leveled Fluency Readers help students acquire the ability to read fluently and with expression.

Teacher Materials

  • Teacher's Manual binders contain easy-to-use daily lesson booklets
  • Clear lesson preparation directions and built-in classroom management strategies minimize the time teachers psend preparing and maximize the time they spend teaching
  • An enhanced fluency strand provides methods and materials for teaching, practice, and assessing reading fluency.

Each grade level of Saxon Phonics and Spelling provides comprehensive teaching support.

  • Teacher's Manual, Volume 1
  • Teacher's Manual, Volume 2
  • Teacher's Resource Binder

Student Materials

Consumable student materials allow children to apply the skills they are learning every day.

For grades K-2, the student materials are packaged in convenient, refillable kits for 24 or 32 students. Each kit includes the following for every student:

  • Student worksheets
  • Alphabet handwriting strip
  • Black and white decodable readers with storage box
  • letter tile set (grades k and 1)
  • student spelling dictionary and reference booklet (grades 1 and 2)

For grade 3, student worksheets are provided as reproducible masters in the Teacher's Resource binder. Teachers can individualize instruction by distributing the worksheets best suited to each student's needs. The consumable student materials come in refillable sets for classrooms of 24 or 32 students and include the following for each student:

  • Alphabet handwriting strip
  • Black and white decodable readers with storage box
  • student spelling dictionary and reference booklet

Fluency Readers

  • Grade K - 15 topics, 45 titles
  • Grade 1 - 26 topics, 78 titles
  • Grade 2 - 26 topics, 78 titles
  • Grade 3 - 35 topics, 105 titles
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