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Product Catalog > Software & Curriculum > Online Curriculum  > Core Reading with Jazzies Online

Core Reading with Jazzies Online

Item #: RZOL-1000/500
Publisher: Core Learning Online
Grade Level: K-2
Platform: Mac  
Core Reading with Jazzies Online
Core Reading with Jazzies Online | Online Curriculum Core Reading with Jazzies Online | Online Curriculum

The Core Reading with Jazzles program is a comprehensive literacy development program for young children and ESL and special needs students. The animated songs for each letters of the alphabet and other interactive resources enable visual, auditory, and kinetic activities.

This program provides a balanced reading curriculum supporting over 1000 high fluency vocabulary words and develops fluency, phonemic awareness, and familiarity with grammatical structures. There over over 22 different music styles used including rhythm and blues, rock, boogie, swing, Dixieland, country, mambo, Cha Cha and Latin Pasadoble.

Program resources include lesson plans and ideas for incorporating math vocabulary and math concepts into the lessons. Designed based on language learning research, Core Reading with Jazzles has research support for its effectiveness in developing literacy skills for young children in pre-school and early school (K-1) settings.

The course files include a Teachers' Manual with descriptions of resource files, sample lesson plans, specific lesson ideas, including dramatic performance ideas, math ideas, and craft ideas for each letter.

Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications
  • Sing and Read
    • Song - An animated file which has the special letter song sung by Jazzles characters. The animation is coordinated with the scrolling verse such that the movements, behaviors and expressions of the animated characters coordinate with the verse. Each song is prolifically alliterative, promoting phonological and phonemic awareness. Music styles fit the emotional expression of the theme for each song. Children sing along with the music and follow the verse.
    • Karaoke - The same animated song is repeated but the lyrics are not sung by the Jazzles characters. Children read the scrolling lyrics and sing-a-long to the backing music.
    • Reading 1 - Children read the song’s lyrics in a self-paced manner.
    • Reading 2 - Children match images to words in the song lyrics.
    • Activities
      • Listening - This file is important to vocabulary development. Many new words that did not appear in song’s lyrics are in this game. A word is spoken and you must select from 4 available images, the image that represents the word.
      • Matching - The child clicks on an image and matches it to its word. This game is simple and easy to do and supports vocabulary development.
      • Flap - A board game where two boxes are turned over and need to match. There are two modes, one where like images are matched and another where an image and its word are matched. The game challenges the player’s memory and requires concentration. Since the images are all related to the lesson’s letter, there is support for vocabulary development.
      • Sweeper - A board game that is quite challenging and helps develop reasoning and patterning skills. The child needs to click on two adjacent images that will switch positions, if the switch results in an image forming a row or column of 3 or more like image the images are removed from the board and new images are added.
      • Puzzles - There are three different levels of difficulty. Puzzles help develop spatial reasoning skills.
      • Tracing - This activity involves connecting dots which are labeled with capital letters that appear in alphabetical order. The tracing forms a shape of something that uses the lesson’s letter. The activity supports learning alphabetical order and learning uppercase letters.
      • Coloring - A simple digital paint activity. Children learn computer skills and fine motor skills.
      • Extras
        • Printables - Each letter lesson has several Printables resource pages (for printing or projecting) – the lyrics pages themselves, craft pages, activity pages, read and color pages, a dictionary page, and a storyboard page.
        • Audio - A simple Audio file for playing the song’s music without animation. Children can read the lyrics on screen or from their printable lyrics page along with the audio. This can also be used as background music while children do their activities.
        • ABC Song - A fun ABC song for learning the letters of the alphabet.
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