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Kid Pix 3D - What's New

Kid Pix 3D - What's New


Whether creating a digital storybook about the letter B, telling a multimedia story about a journey to the moon, or designing an animated research project on early American pioneers, KID PIX is the digital canvas that allows students to learn as they imagine, explore and create. As research shows, comprehension and retention are greatly enhanced when children are fully engaged. Containing audio, video, images, animations, and a wide range of paint tools, KID PIX gives students the ability to create and express what they have learned in a way that is truly unique to them. KID PIX encourages originality, inspires imaginations and motivates young learners.

Spanish version is also available!

New! Create Stickers!

Students can use the new Sticker Maker tool to create their own stickers out of anything they see on screen. Stickers are not automatically flattened to the background so they can be resized, rotated, flipped and assigned a path.

New! Multi-Level Undo!

Now the Undo Guy can fix just about anything, with unlimited levels of undo and redo.


New! Layer Tools!

Students will learn simple layering concepts (move to front, send to back, etc.) with the new Layer Tools in the Grab Tools area. Combined with the 3D characters and 3D backgrounds, they can now begin to explore the relationship of scale and perspective.

New! 3D Animations

Extraordinary 3D characters and objects will make students stories come to life.

New! Simple Path Animation

Easy to use drag-and-drop path animation tools let the students 3D characters walk, hop or fly around the screen.

New! 101 Movie Background!

A hundred video backgrounds provide a touch of Hollywood movie making magic to student productions, whether it's a short clip or a feature length film.

New! Flipbook Button!

Now students can make stop action "flipbook" films by adding slides directory to their slide show - without leaving the Paint Zone.


New! Video Narration!

Video narration and animated costumes let students appear in their stories.

New! Sound Tracks

Students can now use dual audio tracks to add both narration and music to their stories.

New! Quick Slide Show setup

The new "Apply to all slides in this slide show" option makes it quick and easy to customize a Slide Show. And with the new "Random Transition" option KID PIX can now shuffle students' Slide Show transitions.

New! 3D Backgrounds!

Students can set the scene with dozens of gorgeous new multi-layered 3D looking backgrounds.


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