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Product Catalog > Software & Curriculum > Early Learning  > TechnoKids KID PIX 3D Activity Book

TechnoKids KID PIX 3D Activity Book

Publisher: TechnoKids
Grade Level: 1-3
Platform: Mac / Win  
TechnoKids KID PIX 3D Activity Book
TechnoKids KID PIX 3D Activity Book | Early Learning TechnoKids KID PIX 3D Activity Book | Early Learning
Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications

A collection of 20 activities and 10 workshops for students in Grades 1 3. Integrate KID PIX 3D into curriculum. Create maps, brochures, timelines, poems, pictographs, posters, slide shows, and more!

  • Activity 1: Make a Greeting Card
  • Activity 2: Illustrate a Wee Weekly Book
  • Activity 3: Animate an Acrostic Poem
  • Activity 4: Compose Poetry in Motion
  • Activity 5: Produce an Animated Adventure
  • Activity 6: Express Yourself in a Video
  • Activity 7: Advertise a New Invention
  • Activity 8: Raise Awareness with a Talking Sign
  • Activity 9: Design a Postcard
  • Activity 10: Organize Timeline of Events
  • Activity 11: Map an Area
  • Activity 12: What am I? Write a Riddle Book
  • Activity 13: Create a Slide Show
  • Activity 14: Stand Up! Design a Brochure
  • Activity 15: Graph Data using a Pictograph
  • Activity 16: Counting Fun! Build a Board Game
  • Activity 17: Host a 100 Day Celebration
  • Activity 18: Construct a Talking Head
  • Activity 19: Express Mood using Line and Color
  • Activity 20: Make a Robot from Shapes and Textures
  • Workshop 1: Get to Know KID PIX 3D
  • Workshop 2: Create with Drawing Tools
  • Workshop 3: Discover the Painting Tools
  • Workshop 4: Erase Mistakes
  • Workshop 5: Type with Text Tools
  • Workshop 6: Animate Stickers
  • Workshop 7: Make a Sticker
  • Workshop 8: Design a Scene
  • Workshop 9: Set Up a Slide Show
  • Workshop 10: Share your Work

Engage students! Use KID PIX 3D as a creativity and productivity tool to promote learning.

Project Includes: activity book, instruction sheets, customizable resources, sample files, templates, technology integration suggestions

Technology Integration: language arts, social studies/science, mathematics, visual arts

Technology Skills: graphics, word processing, animation, multimedia, slide show


  • Select from a wide range of activities for various age or grade levels.
  • Activities are divided by subject area and topic suggestions for integration are provided.
  • Workshops have exploratory tasks so novice users can gain expertise quickly.
  • Instruction sheets for each activity are available as individual files for paperless classrooms.
  • Print an unlimited number of instruction sheets for use at your school.
  • Transfer resource files to an unlimited number of devices for use at your school.
  • Store files on a local computer, school-based server, or secure web-based server that is password protected.
  • Free curriculum support (1-800-221-7921 or support@technokids.com).

Learning Objectives:

  • Generate and organize ideas
  • Present ideas and information
  • Write explanatory and narrative texts
  • Edit writing to prepare for publishing
  • Construct simple maps
  • Analyze data in a graph
  • Use elements of design
  • Organize events chronologically
  • Select the appropriate tool for the task
  • Produce publications using creativity tools

KID PIX 3D Activity Book is published by TechnoKids Inc. and is fully authorized and approved by The Software MacKiev Company, owners of the KID PIX brand.

Windows or MacIntosh

Programs: KID PIX 3D

NOTE: Adobe Reader XI is required to view activity book and instruction sheets. Other PDF software will not work.

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