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TechnoKids TechnoLetters

Publisher: TechnoKids
Grade Level: PreK-2
Platform: Mac / Win  
TechnoKids TechnoLetters
TechnoKids TechnoLetters | TechnoKids TechnoKids TechnoLetters | TechnoKids
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In this project, students learn about the alphabet. The fun begins when art mediums, textures, and colors are used to paint letters. Next, students gain confidence with using the keyboard while typing letters and then setting the computer to read the text aloud. Afterwards, students animate their name to cause the letters to dance around the screen. To learn about the sounds letters make, students transform a letter into a picture of an item that begins with the letter. Finally, students use their skills to produce a Classroom Alphabet Book. Each session has assignments with worksheets, step-by-step instructions, and helpful resources.

  • Session 1: Lots of Letters
    Use various art mediums, textures, and colors to draw the first letter of student name.
  • Session 2: Letter Fun
    Type student name. Use the Read Text feature to read the text.
  • Session 3: Alphabet Fun
    Create a new alphabet song. Type the letters and then have the computer recite the text.
  • Session 4: Letters that Move
    Dance, jump, and run to letters. Add animated letters to spell student name.
  • Session 5: Letter Pictures
    Transform a letter into a picture to remember the sound it makes.
  • Session 6: The Alphabet Book
    Create a page that includes stamps, stickers, and animations that begin with the same letter.

Integrate technology into a language arts unit.

Project Includes: teacher guide, student workbook, customizable resources, review questions, extension activities, sample files, templates, parent letters, certificates, alphabet cards, alphabet book movie, letter pictures

Technology Integration: visual arts, mathematics

Technology Skills: graphics


  • Activities develop a letter recognition and sound correspondence.
  • Workbook is provided as one file for easy printing. Workbook assignments are also available as individual files for paperless classrooms.
  • Workbook assignments can have answers directly typed or circled on worksheets.
  • Assessment tools such as reviews and checklists are in Word format for easy customization.
  • Extension activities provide optional art and language-based activities.
  • Print an unlimited number of teacher guides or workbooks for use at your school.
  • Transfer workbook files or resources to an unlimited number of devices for use at your school.
  • Store files on a local computer, school-based server, or secure web-based server that is password protected.
  • Free curriculum support (1-800-221-7921 or support@technokids.com).

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify letters of the alphabet
  • Explore digital paint tools to draw letters
  • Use the keyboard to type, select, and remove text
  • Type uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Use text to speech to hear the text read aloud
  • Format font, size, style, alignment, and color of text
  • Increase fluent identification of letter sounds
  • Combine animated letters to spell name
  • Produce an alphabet book
  • Use technology to extend learning

Windows or MacIntosh

Programs: KID PIX 3D

NOTE: Adobe Reader XI is required to view teacher guide and workbook files. Other PDF software will not work.

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