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Webspiration Classroom

Item #: WCS-1Y-MAN
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Publisher: Inspiration
Grade Level: 6-12
Platform: Mac / Win  
Webspiration Classroom
Webspiration Classroom | Inspiration Webspiration Classroom | Inspiration
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Improve Writing and Thinking Skills

Webspiration Classroom™ is the web-based diagramming, mapping and outlining service designed to help students brainstorm, plan, organize and write. For districts using Chromebooks or cloud-based apps, Webspiration Classroom delivers visual learning tools, lessons and templates to support instruction in multiple subjects.

The visual thinking and learning tools in Webspiration Classroom help students pre-write and plan their writing, while also helping them apply visual thinking strategies to analyze, synthesize and retain information in any subject. Webspiration Classroom can help students accomplish any project: from brainstorming, through research, to organizing and structuring their final report. Built-in collaboration tools support group projects as well as instructor-student interaction.

30 Account Minimum Required.

Use Webspiration Classroom to:

  • Brainstorm and Plan
    • Mapping and visual brainstorming helps students develop and narrow their topic for any project.
    • Graphic organizers and diagrams help guide thinking and teach critical thinking skills.
    • Pictures help students clarify thinking, while linking tools help explain interrelationships.
  • Organize and Write
    • Move easily from concepting to writing: diagrams convert to text outlines and vice versa.
    • Append notes to any item to capture research or expand on a topic.
    • Drag and drop outlining makes it easy to rearrange and reprioritize content.
    • Export to word processing to complete the writing assignment.
  • Collaborate Effectively
    • Invite others to work on the same document.
    • Edits are tracked - see what changes have been made, by when and whom
    • Comment and chat spaces keep conversation separate from document edits.
  • Facilitate Teacher-Student Interaction
    • Workflow of assignments, review and feedback between educators and students.
    • Instructors can use the comment space to provide in-context feedback and guidance.
    • Homebound students and distance learners can get, complete and return assignments - all online.
  • Ideal for Chromebooks and Cloud-based Environments
    • Webspiration Classroom is a web app accessible through any browser.
    • Documents can be transferred right into Google Docs.
    • Can be configured for centralized administration.
    • Rest assured with a safe and ad-free environment.
    • Use with Inspiration®.

Subscription Options

Webspiration Classroom service is available as an online subscription and offers educators and students a new way to improve writing and thinking skills. There are two types of subscriptions; Individual and Volume. See details below to find the right configuration for your needs.

For use by a class, school or district: Basic or Managed Subscription

Webspiration Classroom subscriptions can be configured as Basic or Managed subscriptions. All subscriptions include access to free online support materials, including lesson plans, examples, training videos, a Quick Start Guide and a Help Center.

Basic subscriptions provide individual accounts for each student and teacher who needs access to Webspiration Classroom.

Managed subscriptions include:

  • Multi-tiered administration enables master administrator to designate administrators for a school or group of schools in a district, set settings for an entire district or group of schools
  • Ability to set up "Student", "Teacher" and "Admin" accounts
  • Fast and easy set up of large numbers of accounts
  • Easy administration of multiple accounts on one screen
  • Create school-wide settings or manage accounts individually
  • Set Settings for an entire school
  • Further customize Settings at account level
  • Student Collaboration ON/OFF control
  • Student Chat ON/OFF control
  • Admin access to student and teacher account information
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