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Typing Instructor Web Platinum

Item #: TIWP
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Publisher: Individual Software
Grade Level: 6 - 12
Platform: Online  
Typing Instructor Web Platinum
Typing Instructor Web Platinum | Online Curriculum Typing Instructor Web Platinum | Online Curriculum
Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications

Typing Instructor®Web Platinum makes learning to type easy and fun! The intuitive navigation guides Typists through each step of the course. Typists begin their learning by selecting from one of three adventures; world travel, time travel, or safari.

20+ Typing Courses

Typing Instructor®Web Platinum offers 20 Comprehensive Typing Plans. Typists or Instructors may select the perfect plan to meet their personal or class typing requirements. Each plan provides step-by-step learning with lessons, tests, exercises, and games.

Typing Arcade Games

Typists can play all of the games in the Arcade with just the keys they have learned. Games are designed to improve typing skills, including speed, accuracy, rhythm, and finger-to-key memory. Multiple game settings allow all typists to enjoy games at their own pace and skill level.

Premium Management Center for Schools & School Districts

The Premium Management Center was designed to serve the needs of our largest School Districts. All features focus on making it easy for educators at all levels to manage both single schools and Districts with multiple schools. There are three levels of management for districts, schools, and classes with a streamlined import feature.

Key Features

  • Online learning - 24/7/365
  • Over 20 complete web Typing Courses
  • Multi-level typing games
  • Play games with just Learned Keys
  • Play games with a variety of settings
  • Proven educational typing methods
  • Based on 28-year history of typing instruction
  • Follows guidelines of national keyboarding standards
  • No software to install or update
  • Security for every user

  • Key Benefits
  • Learn at any time – 24/7/365
  • Learn from any location with Internet access
  • Select the Typing Course that’s right for you
  • Quickly build your keyboarding skills
  • Select a 2nd and 3rd Typing Course to increase your skills
  • Creative ways to practice your typing skills
  • Games can enjoyed by typists of all skill levels
  • Build your typing skills with challenging games

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