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Product Catalog > Software & Curriculum > Online Curriculum  > Mickey's Typing Adventure Web

Mickey's Typing Adventure Web

Item #: MTAW
Publisher: Individual Software
Grade Level: K-4
Platform: Online  
Mickey's Typing Adventure Web
Mickey's Typing Adventure Web | Online Curriculum Mickey's Typing Adventure Web | Online Curriculum
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Learning to Type is Fun & Easy! Proven Educational Program Teaches Kids to Type Online

In today's digital world, learning to type is an essential skill. Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure makes the process fun and easy! The program takes kids on an exciting typing adventure in Typelandia with Mickey Mouse and friends. As they learn to type, they help save Mickey's friends from a mysterious enchantment and become the hero! By the time they reach the Palace, kids have been taught proper typing posture and all the typing fundamentals. Animations with favorite Disney characters keep them motivated along the way, while challenging games improve their typing speed and accuracy. Sign up today and let's begin the adventure!

Exciting Typing Adventure

Typelandia is an exciting place to learn to type. You begin your adventure at the Village where you can visit the Arcade, the Library, the Academy, and Ye Old Magic Shoppe. The Shopkeeper will join you in a crystal ball on your journey through Typelandia and guide you step-by-step.

Typing Games

Build your typing speed and typing accuracy with 7 exciting Typing Games in Typelandia, including Mickey Mouse and the Pyramid of Peril, Gopher Mania, Run Pluto Run, Coin Catch, Spelunking, Target Typing, and Quack Cottage. All Typing Games are played with learned keys only.

Typing Courses

Kids learn proper typing posture and finger placement following one of eleven Typing Courses for their age and skill level. Lessons include step-by-step instructions with visual guide hands in the proven educational design. Kids are taught all of the letters on the keyboard as they type their way to each exciting destination in Typelandia.

Typing Lessons & Results

The Lesson Results provide instant feedback on words per minute, adjusted words per minute, and accuracy. When kids pass the lessons and challenges at proficient speed and accuracy, they help Mickey's friends escape the magical enchantment–and become touch-typists.

Typing Practice

Select from any of the 10 passages from Disney Stories, like Tangled. Typelandia is a fun place to practice typing. Kids reinforce finger-to-key memory skills by playing typing games in the Arcade with just the keys they have learned. When they learn the entire keyboard they can practice typing their favorite Disney Stories in the Library.

  • Kids are motivated to learn to type with Mickey Mouse and Friends!
  • The story unfolds as kids learn to type
  • Kids get to be the hero and save Mickey's friends
  • Animations with favorite Disney Characters
  • Learn to type at any time – 24/7/365
  • Typing Courses for all ages and skill levels
  • Fun ways to practice typing with favorite Disney Stories and exciting Typing Games
  • 11 Customized Typing Courses
  • Typing Lessons and Challenges
  • Progress Reports and Typing Results
  • Exciting Ways to Practice Typing
  • Fun Typing Games Reinforce finger-to-key memory
  • Certificates of Achievement
  • Charts and Feedback
  • Coloring Pages of Disney Characters
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