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New to English

Item #: NTEA
Publisher: Crick Software
Grade Level: K-3
Platform: Mac / Win  
New to English
New to English | Grades: 3-5 New to English | Grades: 3-5
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New to English rapidly builds English language skills and confidence in students with little or no English.

The series uses well-established language learning techniques, and students can use the software independently even if they donít speak any English.

Learn essential vocabulary

Each CD focuses on the vocabulary of particular environment that students need to be familiar with; At School, In the House, and At the Shopping Mall. Students explore each setting in detail, moving to different areas at their own pace.

Acquire new language skills

Activities focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These target the language skills students need to access across the curriculum. High quality recorded speech is used in all the activities, and new words are introduced and reinforced at a careful pace.

Build self-confidence through independent learning

Learners work at their own pace and build up their skills and confidence in a comfortable setting. In many activities children listen to recorded words or phrases, and then record themselves saying the same words. They are able to repeat their recording as many times as they wish.

Enhance social language skills

New to English works well with groups of learners at a similar level working together. Use your interactive whiteboard to make learning a social experience and get students to communicate with each other.

Develop an understanding of simple sentence structures and functional English

As learners engage in the wide range of activities, they begin to understand key words and phrases. They reinforce and enhance their new language skills by engaging in a number of consolidation activities.

New to English - The Titles

There are 3 titles in the New to English series. Each CD provides opportunities for learners to listen, speak, read and write.

Students familiarize themselves with a school plan and learn about the items in the following locations:

48 activities introduce and reinforce new vocabulary

Each of these six areas introduces its own vocabulary set using an Explore activity, and then reinforces the vocabulary through six further activities, with a strong emphasis on listening and speaking.

5 further activities consolidate learning

The consolidating activities cover all the vocabulary introduced on the CD.

In the House introduces children to the typical rooms and features found in a house.

On this CD children are introduced to the stores and goods found at the Shopping Mall.

At School introduces children to the school environment.


Clicker 6 - XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


Clicker 6 - Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8

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