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Foundations for Reading

Item #: CFRN
Publisher: Crick Software
Grade Level: K-3
Platform: Mac / Win  
Foundations for Reading
Foundations for Reading | Grades: 3-5 Foundations for Reading | Grades: 3-5
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Clicker Foundations for Reading provides the groundwork for reading, taking children from the first steps of discriminating everyday sounds to developing phonological awareness and understanding the alphabetic principle.

Improve foundation skills

Powered by Clicker 6, Clicker Foundations for Reading strongly supports the Foundational Skills of the Common Core Reading Standards. Engaging activities build children’s understanding of print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics, and word recognition. With Clicker’s built-in sound recorder, integrated Paint, and webcam features, each CD includes numerous opportunities for children to demonstrate their learning creatively.

Develop listening skills

The series develops listening skills through a range of fun activities. Children must listen carefully and learn to discriminate between sounds – the difference between a piano and a guitar, a train’s whistle and a bike’s bell. Children also develop their speaking skills as they record their own sounds.

Raise phonological awareness

Clicker Foundations for Reading is packed with activities that get children tuned into the sounds of language by teaching them to focus on patterns in words and to differentiate between their sounds. Children develop a strong phonological awareness by working with rhyme and alliteration.

Use on Windows or Mac computers

Clicker Foundations for Reading works on all modern Windows and Mac computers with Clicker 6 installed.

There are 3 titles in the Clicker Foundations for Reading series.

Noisy Bears

In Noisy Bears, children listen to and discriminate between “action noises” performed by six bear characters.

Rhyme Time

In Rhyme Time, children engage in a variety of activities that encourage them to recognize and play with rhyming words, rhyming couplets, and longer rhymes.

Alphabet Animals

Alphabet Animals increases children’s awareness of sounds, letters, and words. They meet fun “alliterative characters” each with characteristics, skills, and possessions based on alliteration.


Clicker 6 - XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


Clicker 6 - Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8

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