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Polar 3D High School STEAMtrax Site License Modules 1-4

Item #: 110385
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Publisher: Polar3D
Grade Level: All
Polar 3D High School STEAMtrax Site License Modules 1-4
Polar 3D High School STEAMtrax Site License Modules 1-4 | Polar3D Polar 3D High School STEAMtrax Site License Modules 1-4 | Polar3D
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Polor 3D's STEAMtrax High School Curriculum. Comprised of four modules: 1) Electromagnetic Impulse Car: Students learn about electromagnetism and friction as they collaboratively design, print, and race toy drag racing cars powered by electromagnetic energy. 2) Hydroelectric Impulse Turbine: Students learn about the history, types, and applications of water turbines and collaborate to design, print, and test a series of rotor designs for a hydroelectric impulse turbine. 3) Truss Bridge Design: Students collaborate to design and build a functioning truss bridge with which they explore the stability of triangular structures and the physics and engineering of bridge design. 4) Fibonacci Sequence: Students learn about the math and controversy surrounding Fibonacci numbers and create an original piece of artwork inspired by the Golden Ratio.


The Polar 3D Printer is more than the next generation of 3D Printing its a revolutionary vision of 3D printing for the modern classroom. It puts the incredible power of polar coordinates that leaps past the competitors in the hands of you and your students. Our easy to use design and cloud interface makes the once-complex task of managing 3D printing as natural and reliable as 2D printing. And with a 314 cubic inch build volume on a printer that weighs only 10lbs, the Polar Classic 3D Printer is more reliable, versatile, and valuable than any 3D printer before. Already, the Polar is an instant classic.

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