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ClueFinders 6th Grade Adventures - Mac / Win Hybrid

Joni and Santiago have mysteriously disappeared! Owen and Leslie need your help in rescuing them. Your search for Joni...

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Product Catalog > Software & Curriculum > Critical Thinking  > littleBits STEAM PD (Professional Development)

littleBits STEAM PD (Professional Development)

Item #: 107445
Publisher: LittleBits
Grade Level: All
Platform: Robotics  
littleBits STEAM PD (Professional Development)
littleBits STEAM PD (Professional Development) | Critical Thinking littleBits STEAM PD (Professional Development) | Critical Thinking
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Teachers and administrators can power up their STEAM-teaching skills with this professional development course on how to add fun, hands-on inventing to curriculum. This license is per educator.

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