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Item #: SUN094
Publisher: Sunburst
Grade Level: K-4
Platform: Mac / Win  
Graphers | Math Graphers | Math
Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications
Introduce Data Graphing with Warm Up:
*The Warm Up section enables students to quickly make, manipulate, and graph simple data. Students create pictorial data chosen from 16 data sets (including colors, sports, ice cream, pets, fruit, numbers, seasons, and transportation) and arrange the objects on the screen.

Once students have created data, they can display it with a table, pictograph, bar graph, or circle graph. The graphs are all dynamic -- students simply click on them to make changes.

Explore Data Graphing with Work Out:
*The Work Out section offers expanded learning opportunities with more types of data and graphs. The additional data sets include data with more than one attribute, called Sorting Data, and several sets of Time Data. Students can use grid plots, loops (Venn plots), and line graphs, as well as tables, pictographs, bar graphs, and circle graphs, to represent their data.

In both Warm Up and Work Out, students can display multiple graphs at once to investigate different ways to represent data. There's also a built-in Notebook where students can display pictures of their data and write about their discoveries.

Includes a detailed Teacher's Guide with instructional suggestions and activities.
Children learn about data and graphs in Graphers. Students create pictorial data chosen from 16 data sets. They easily manipulate data and create graphs with a mouse.

Graphers provides six types of graphs:
* pictographs
* circle graphs
* grid plots
* bar graphs
* Venn diagrams
* line graphs
* Mac Classic, Mac OSX, Windows 98, Windows XP,
Windows 2000
Not Compatible with Windows 7 64 bit

* Software - CD-ROM
* Mac Classic Requires OS 8.0 or higher.
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