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Typing Pal Online

Item #: DEM001
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Publisher: Druide
Grade Level: K-12
Platform: Online  
Typing Pal Online
Typing Pal Online | Online Curriculum Typing Pal Online | Online Curriculum
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Is this your first year?  All first year orders must include the $30 set up fee.

Why are keyboarding skills a must for students?

They strengthen writing and language skills:
With keyboarding skills already under their belt, students need not get tripped up on the mechanical aspects of typing. Free to focus on creative content, they consistently produce higher-quality writing.

They improve productivity and save precious time:
By increasing speed and accuracy, a student buys themselves more time that they can then invest in other activities to gain a more in-depth academic experience.

They are key to a better use of technology:
Efficient use of laptops, desktops and other technology devices begins with the ability to type rapidly and well. Typing competence boosts a 21st-century student's morale, esteem and overall confidence in life.

Available in the form of an annual subscription, Typing Pal Online can be easily integrated into a portal. Typing Pal Online can be used in the context of a lesson supervised by a teacher, or independently as part of improvement or extracurricular activities.

Typing Pal Online is a tried and tested method for guaranteed success.

Students stay focused and motivated
Wide range of stimulating exercises, fun animations and games with proven pedagogical value to ensure focus and motivation
Rapid, frequent feedback to warrant success
Pedagogical method designed to maximize student engagement

The program is available anytime, anywhere
Free, unlimited access from home, from school
Access from any computer connected to the Internet
Adds great value to your web portal
Handy management module to customize courses and monitor statistics
A wealth of online and printable teaching materials with modifiable templates in the Teacher guide, User guide and Pedagogical approach guide

The method ensures success
More than one million users worldwide
Available in English, Spanish and French
In North American schools and homes since 1990

It's web-based, so it's hassle free
No CD installation required
Free, automatic updates throughout subscription
Free phone or email technical support

Typing Pal Online:

- No installation required
- Automatic updates
- Free access from home
- Can be installed directly into your school's portal.

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