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Photo Vocabulary 1

Item #: PCI040
Publisher: PCI Education
Grade Level: All
Platform: Mac / Win  
Photo Vocabulary 1
Photo Vocabulary 1 | PCI Education Photo Vocabulary 1 | PCI Education
Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications
Photo Vocabulary is an instructional-based software program that focuses on developing and strengthening the vocabulary and communication skills of struggling and non-English speaking learners. The program uses most of the same photos and words from the cards in the popular PCI Photo Library–Fresh Produce and Prepared Foods. The teacher can allow the student to receive instruction in English or Spanish from the same CD.
HOW IT WORKS Students are introduced to a main menu where they can choose to work on Prepared Foods or Fresh
Produce. After making their selection, they are taken through four levels of simple activities that instruct and then provide practice. The student will first see and identify a photo of each food and hear the pronunciation of each word. Then, a short audio sentence uses the word in context. The next level guides the student to choose the correct food from a group of photos. The highest level shows a choice of three foods; the audio asks the student to identify a food from the clue that is given. Each level concludes with a fun assessment activity that allows the student to practice again.

ADAPTATIONS All words and their critical attributes have an audio component so the student can become familiar with the word and how it is used. The teacher can choose for the student to work in an English or a Spanish version. This option enables students with varied levels of language proficiency to benefit.

ASSESSMENT AND TEACHER OPTIONS An assessment is provided to help the teacher determine mastery for each student. Teacher options allow for a variety of adaptations and the opportunity to monitor students’ progress. Each student’s mastery is shown in the assessment chart.
Windows: 98SE/2000/XP/VISTA
Mac: OS 9/OS X/Mac-Intel (Rosetta)
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