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Kidspiration 3

Item #: INS035
Publisher: Inspiration
Grade Level: K-5
Platform: Win  
Kidspiration 3
Kidspiration 3 | Inspiration Kidspiration 3 | Inspiration
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Created for K-5 learners, Kidspiration® 3 provides an easy way to apply the proven principles of visual learning. Students build graphic organizers by combining pictures, text and spoken words to represent thoughts and information. New Kidspiration 3 capabilities provide even more opportunities for students to express themselves visually and to recognize the connection between words and their meanings. New updates allow students and teachers to write text and draw symbols and links directly on interactive whiteboards, Tablet PCs and Wacom® Tablets. Also Kidspiration 3 syncs with Inspiration® for Palm OS® and publishes to Scholastic Keys™.

Improve K-5 standards-based skills:

*Categorize and group

*Develop emerging literacy skills

*Build comprehension skills

*Express and organize thoughts

**Proof of Academic Affiliation required when ordering**

Windows® : XP or higher, including Windows 8 & Windows 10

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