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Core Aptitude Builder

Item #: CABR-1500
Publisher: Core Learning
Grade Level: 9-12
Platform: Win  
Core Aptitude Builder
Core Aptitude Builder | Critical Thinking Core Aptitude Builder | Critical Thinking
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Psychometric tests are standardized, scientific tests - usually taken on a computer, which are used to assess your intelligence, abilities, potential and personality. Most employers now use them as a sifting mechanism during the recruitment process.

Discover what you can be really good at and exploit it!

Career Aptitude Tests measure your natural abilities. While they don't require specialists knowledge or a set of finely honed skills, they powerfully reveal your potential to achieve in the future.

If you ever have that feeling that you are in the wrong job; or there must be more to life; or that you are surrounded by frustrating confusion - then you are probably working against your natural inclinations. Personality Testing can help you discover where your aptitudes lie and you can then make dramatic improvements even within the job you are currently doing.

Career Aptitude Tests are an excellent and well proven way to bring clarity and direction to your career. Unlike ability tests that reveal your existing skills, career aptitude tests show whether you would be suitable for particular types of tasks. The results can have a profound and positive effect on the career development decisions you need to make from time to time.

Discovering your real potential is a liberating and powerful experience. It gives you the opportunity to identify and correct your weak areas as well as playing to your strengths. This better balance makes you more widely employable and enhances your job satisfaction.
These psychometric tests are an excellent tool for any student who is unsure of what type of career choice they should make. After completing some personality testing they will have a much clearer understanding of what direction they should be headed in.
Windows XP, Vista, 7
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