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Product Catalog > Software & Curriculum > Special Education  > ROCK Joy Stick

ROCK Joy Stick

Item #: 200-30500
Publisher: AbleNet Inc
Grade Level: All
Platform: Mac / Win  
ROCK Joy Stick
ROCK Joy Stick | Special Education ROCK Joy Stick | Special Education
Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications

All the functionality of a traditional mouse, including left/right click and double-click, in a joystick that requires minimal hand movement for precise cursor control without fatigue. Includes three interchangeable joystick handles - a straight stem, a T-bar and large soft ball.

Rock Features

* Large footprint for stable operation and wrist support
* Symmetrical design allowing use with either hand
* Color-coded buttons mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental activation
* Customizable left and right click buttons
* 2 switch input jacks for single-switch access to left/right click buttons
* Color-coded buttons (left/right click, drag-lock and double-click)
* X-Y axis and Scroll button for up/down or left/right only cursor movements
* Four cursor speed control settings with memory and auditory feedback
* Auto detecting PS2/USB protocols
* Plug-and-play PS2 and USB connections (no additional drivers required)
* PC and Mac compatible

- Plug-and-play PS2 and USB connections (no additional drivers required)
- PC and Mac compatible

Rock JoyStick

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