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Product Catalog > Software & Curriculum > Science  > Edmark Thinkin Science - Mac OSX Edition

Edmark Thinkin Science - Mac OSX Edition

Item #: MKV011MS2
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Publisher: Software MacKiev
Grade Level: K-3
Platform: Mac  
Edmark Thinkin Science - Mac OSX Edition
Edmark Thinkin Science - Mac OSX Edition | Science Edmark Thinkin Science - Mac OSX Edition | Science
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Five different areas in the Super Secret Science Station™ show young students the scientific method and concepts of basic earth, life and physical sciences. Students will learn to think like scientists as they solve problems using hypothesis, experimen- tation, observations, and deduction. Other skills students develop are memory, problem solving, following multiple steps, data interpretation, and measurement.

In Thinkin' Science, students enter the Super Secret Science Station™ and find an amazing world of science fun and discovery. With the Science Scouts leading the way, students conduct scientific experiments and solve exciting science challenges.

Five fun and engaging Learning Environments – Fun Physics, Day and Night, Mystery Cave, Animal Tracking, and What Did You See? – invite exploration and mastery of fundamental science concepts. Thinkin' Science covers many of the major Earth, life, and physical science topics in the kindergarten, first, and second grade curriculums. Young children are naturally interested in science: they love to examine objects and conduct experiments to see what happens.

Thinkin' Science gives students many opportunities to act on this natural curiosity. The program excites students' interest in science and instructs them in the basics of the scientific method: hypothesis, experimentation, observation, and deduction. Students can also explore the Science Web, a child-friendly research and reference tool. Thinkin' Science helps your students think like scientists! Thinkin' Science offers hundreds of challenges. As each student learns and succeeds, Grow Slides advance automatically, offering more challenging problems. You can also set a Grow Slide manually to provide practice in specific topic areas. In each science challenge, a friendly Science Scout guides your students' learning. In the open-ended Science Web, students can direct their own learning.

Key Features:

• Five learning environments with hundreds of problems cover the major topics in K-2 science curriculum

• Program adjusts to student's learning level by increasing in difficulty as student's learning progresses

• Printable "treasures" (animal masks, puzzles, games and more) reward achievement

• Single switch option increases accessibility for special needs students

Learning benefits:

• Develops observation and visual memory skills, problem-solving strategies, and deductive reasoning

• Provides practice in following instructions involving multiple steps

• Introduces data interpretation, cause and effect, variables, and measurement

• Covers the Earth’s rotation, day and night, seasons, animals and their habitats

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later, including 10.13 High Sierra

Processor: G3 233 MHz or faster, including any Intel-based Mac

Memory: 128 MB RAM

Display: 800 x 600, Thousands of Colors

Free Hard Disk Space: 280 MB

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