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Product Catalog > Hardware & Accessories > Interactive Response Systems  > iRespond UltraLite - Student Clicker

iRespond UltraLite - Student Clicker

Item #: UL-24
Publisher: iRespond
Grade Level: All
iRespond UltraLite - Student Clicker
iRespond UltraLite - Student Clicker | Interactive Response Systems iRespond UltraLite - Student Clicker | Interactive Response Systems
Product Details
Features & Benefits
Product Specifications
The iRespond UltraLite is the perfect solution for those who have limited budgets yet want the reliability of Radio Frequency remotes in their classrooms. The Ultra Lite is powered by the same proprietary Teacher's Dashboard software as all other iRespond products.

This streamlined personal response system lets you gather formative assessment on your students during classroom lectures. You are able to see how your students are doing in real time and even which students have not yet answered a question. This knowledge ensures 100 percent student participation.

You know every student’s comprehension level at all times! This allows you to concentrate on the areas in which your students need the most help - a great way to improve student performance.

Packs include Base, Remotes, Software, and Carrying Case.
Reasons to Choose iRespond UltraLite:
  • Fully interfaced with PowerPoint
  • Unique log in allows for multiple users.
  • Add audio/video and Web links to presentations.
  • Radio Frequency for faster, more reliable communication.
  • Lowest cost solution available.
  • Small size is ideal for younger children.
  • Optional lanyards and carrying case available.
Packs include Base, Remotes, Software, and Carrying Case.
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