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Manufacturers TechnoKids

K-12 projects integrated technology into curriculum.

Use MS Office, Adobe, and KID PIX as creativity and productivity tools. Have students write a report, produce a digital story, design a magazine, create a brochure, and more!

TechnoKids TechnoBasics

In this project, students become acquainted with the computer. This introduction includes activities to identify computer hardware, rules to...
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TechnoKids KID PIX 3D Curriculum

TechnoKids Projects for KID PIX® 3D Going into the computer lab with students should be enjoyable.With that in mind,...
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TechnoKids TechnoNumbers

In this project, students paint, count, sort, and animate numbers using the early learning software Kid Pix. The excitement...
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TechnoKids KID PIX 3D Activity Book

A collection of 20 activities and 10 workshops for students in Grades 1 – 3. Integrate KID PIX 3D...
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TechnoKids Grade Platform Options/Add to Cart
Spanish Bundle Google Apps
8-12 Win
8-12 Win
TechnoKids Google Apps Package
TechnoKids Intermediate Computer Curriculum Set
6-9 win
TechnoKids Intermediate Computer Curriculum Set
6-9 win
TechnoKids Junior Computer Curriculum Set
3-6 Win
TechnoKids KID PIX 3D Activity Book
1-3 Mac / Win
TechnoKids KID PIX 3D Curriculum
PreK-K Mac / Win
TechnoKids Microsoft Plus Package
K-12 Win
TechnoKids Primary Computer Curriculum Set
PK-3 Win
TechnoKids Senior Computer Curriculum Set
8-12 Win
TechnoKids TechnoAnimal
1-3 Win
TechnoKids TechnoAuthor
2-3 Win
TechnoKids TechnoBasics
PreK-2 Mac / Win
TechnoKids TechnoBiz
2-7 Win
TechnoKids TechnoBlog
6-12 Mac/Win
TechnoKids TechnoBook
1-2 Win
TechnoKids TechnoCelebrate
1-4 Win
TechnoKids TechnoCEO
6-12 win
TechnoKids TechnoCity
1-3 Win
TechnoKids TechnoClue
5-8 win
TechnoKids TechnoColors
PreK-2 Mac / Win
TechnoKids TechnoCommercial
6-12 win
TechnoKids TechnoCop
1-5 Win
TechnoKids TechnoCorrespondent
4-8 Win
TechnoKids TechnoDrama
4-7 Win
TechnoKids TechnoEditor
4-8 win
TechnoKids TechnoEntrepreneur
6-12 win
TechnoKids TechnoEnvironment
5-12 win
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