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The MUZZY BBC curriculum was created following the guidelines of the British Council and supports the standards identified for language learning by the Common European Framework or References for Language. Educators can either follow MUZZY's internal curriculum or build their own curriculum according to the curriculum adopted by their school.

Lesson Plans

38 lesson plans provide explicit instructions to cover two to three class periods of approximately 20 to 45 minutes in length. In addition, the lesson plans suggest a variety of activities such as skits, songs, games and projects to make learning fun.

Cultural Lessons

Cultural lessons help children understand what itís like to live in countries where the target language is spoken. These lessons can be used as part of the language learning curriculum or interspersed across curriculum with social studies, geography, history, music and art.

Teacher Activity Masters & Student Activity Sheets

Reproducible masters provide students with a range of engaging activities that complement the video material.

Assessment Masters & Student Assessment Sheets

Listening Comprehension Assessments help educators build their childís listening comprehension skills. Reading Comprehension and Written Expression Assessment Masters with answer keys and Assessment Sheets provide a year-end summary assessment.

Easy-to-Use Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard allows instructors to search everything in MUZZY, including the 1200+ words and concepts, lesson plans, cultural lessons, activity sheets, scenes in the video story, games and more.

Language Learning Movies

Children are captivated as they watch 3-D video stories of the adventures of Muzzy and his friends while scenes introduce, then reintroduce, language usage and vocabulary.

800+ Online Games (Designed for non-readers and readers)

Interactive online games and exercises are aligned with the content in each lesson and are designed to reinforce the concepts introduced in the video.

28 Vocabulary Builder Videos

28 lesson scenes reinforce the vocabulary that is introduced in the Muzzy Story. Each lesson is an animated vignette with its own simple story line that captivates children.

Learning with Norman

Amusing vignettes help children learn the nuances of languages, such as times of day or how to ask for something.

24 Sing-a-long Songs

Nothing captures learners like MUZZY's 24 catchy sing-a-long songs. Whether listening to the good morning song with the lovable Norman or the colors song along with Princess Sylvia, kids can't help but sing along - and learn in the process!


Good, old fashioned flashcards remain a fun and effective way to learn new words.

Online Language Recording Studio

MUZZY's recording studio allows children to hear themselves speak in a new language. Optional features allow players to practice spelling and word recognition.

Additional Resources

Resources to help teachers implement lessons are provided. These resources include reproducible image illustrations for use in lessons or cultural projects, props, flashcards, useful classroom expressions, holidays, and more.

MUZZY Classroom DVD Packs

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MUZZY Classroom Curriculum Binders

Curriculum Binders Bursting with lessons and teacher supports, the MUZZY Classroom Edition includes flexible lessons to integrate perfectly ...
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MUZZY Club for Schools - Online Classroom Subscription

ONLINE CLASSROOM SUBSCRIPTION MUZZY Club for Schools is an online classroom subscription with over 800 activities, including videos, games,...
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MUZZY Classroom DVD Packs
MUZZY Club for Schools - Online Classroom Subscription
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