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100% LANGUAGE INTERMEDIATE | Special Education


  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
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These ready-to-use lessons give your upper elementary and junior high students the practice they need to master language in six skill areas.

The 100% Series boost language performance with:

  • a broad scope of skills
  • hierarchy of activities
  • hefty amounts of practice

100% Language–Intermediatehelps students understand and use language more effectively. The 170 one-page lessons help students learn to apply language skills to the classroom. Lessons are organized into six language skill areas. Each skill area consists of 24 one-page activities with teaching suggestions, a progress chart, and a family letter.

  • SequencingLearn the vocabulary of sequencing and understand time concepts. Improve patterning, following directions, and the sequencing of stories and events.
  • Cause & EffectUnderstand the cause/effect relationship and the consequences of their actions on themselves and others. Identify the chain of events that might occur so better decisions are made.
  • Problem SolvingUse language skills to identify, understand, solve, and avoid problems. Activities are provided with and without picture supports.
  • OpinionsDifferentiate fact from opinion. Practice expressing opinions, preferences, and ideas. The activities require verbal and written responses.
  • InferencingApply prior knowledge to new information based on what is seen and heard, and make a reasonable deduction. Activities are provided with and without picture supports.
  • ParaphrasingStudents restate information in their own words. They begin by using synonyms and progress to restating information in phrases, sentences, and directions.
  • Answer Key

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