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2024 April Unpacking Edmark Reading Program Print Kits

Edmark Reading Program, Second Edition print version provides students with one-on-one teacher to student lessons. Focusing on multi-sensory interaction including hearing, speaking, seeing, and touching, the program is also beneficial for hearing-impaired or deaf students in developing vocabulary and language awareness. 

*Order ERP Level 1 or 2 during April 2024 and receive Free Shipping. 

Edmark Reading Program Level 1 & Level 2 Combo

*Free Shipping

*Free Shipping

Reproducible Homework activities are a fun way to reinforce classroom learning. Many students require extra practice with word recognition and reading after school to retain what they learned. 
Level 1 Homework  Level 2 Homework

The students will demonstrate comprehension of words and phrases by answering the comprehension questions, provide an extensive amount of word recognition practice and reinforcement.
Level 1 Comprehension  Level 2 Comprehension

The reproducible Take-Away Readers are four-page, or 8-page, stories with photographs that illustrate the stories and emphasize words students have learned in current and previous lessons building confidence and extending literacy.
Level 1 Take-Away Readers  Level 2 Take-Away Readers

Spelling activities provide both reinforcement for recognition of new reading words and a beginning spelling experience.
Level 1 Spelling  Level 2 Spelling

Bingo provides Fun activities reinforcing the words taught in the program and helps students generalize and demonstrate their reading skills. 
Level 1 Bingo  Level 2 Bingo

Motivate them with delightful reproducible illustrations, engaging stories, and fun activities that improve their vocabulary, comprehension and reading skills. 
Level 1&2 Supplemental Reading Lessons

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