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6 Successful Strategies for Teaching to State Standards

6 Successful Strategies for Teaching to State Standards | Special Education


Knowing how to adapt a grade-level standard for a student with a moderate or severe intellectual disability can be difficult. This book offers six strategies for making the adaptations featured in each of its six chapters. Strategies consider Universal Design for Learning (UDL), student-directed learning, assistive technology and peer supports, systematic instruction, generalization, and application of research to practice. When teaching to a standard, it is important to stay true to the original intent of the standard. Curricular examples and printable lesson plans are presented and available for your use.

To quote its authors, “It serves as the next logical step toward the implementation of a standards-based IEP for students with moderate and severe disability.” It does so by outlining six easy-to-follow teaching strategies that help you adapt grade level standards for your students. You’ll find practical examples and ready-made lessons to try in your class for math, English language arts, science, and social studies.

6 Successful Strategies for Teaching to State Standards

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Features and Benefits

A practical instruction guide for creating and implementing IEP goals and objectives aligned to grade-level academics

Product Features:

  • Suggests teaching procedures that have strong evidence of effectiveness
  • Guides reader through federal regulation compliance
  • Includes examples and printable lessons
  • Focuses on six strategies: Universal Design for Learning, student-directed learning, assistive technology, peer supports, systematic instruction, and generalization
  • Also available tailored to TEKS
  • Companion resource to Aligning IEPs to State Standards