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ACF: Progress Monitoring Booklets (K-2) Primary (10)

ACF: Progress Monitoring Booklets (K-2) Primary (10) | Special Education

ACF: Progress Monitoring Booklets (K-2) Primary (10)

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  • Grade Level: All
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Progress Monitoring:Each grade band in theAcademic Curriculum Frameworkis supported by a progress monitoring booklet that tracks a students progress in all five content areas. Each book contains the sample pages for the Student Progress Monitoring Booklet. Additional student booklets can be ordered in sets of ten. Progress monitoring is supported through the curriculums Integrated Teaching and Learning Cycle. In order for a skill to qualify as being learned, a student must be able to:

  • Demonstrate comprehension of the skill
  • Demonstrate accurate and consistent use, application, and transference of knowledge of the current skill to other skills
  • Demonstrate sustained acquisition of the skill over time

Package of 10 ACF: Student Progress Monitoring Booklets (K-2) Primary