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Aligning IEPs Package

Aligning IEPs Package | Special Education


An educator’s guide for writing and implementing appropriate IEP goals to state standards

Federal regulations require each IEP to be aligned to academic standards for the grade in which a student is enrolled, but this can be challenging when the student’s assigned grade level and academic or performance level differ. Aligning IEPs to State Standards guides you through the process.

6 Successful Strategies for Teaching to State Standards explains the process of IEP writing and aligning to state standards. This companion book explains best practices and procedures for implementing the IEP. To quote its authors, “It services as a next logical step toward the implementation of standards-based IEP for students with moderate and severe disabilities.” Includes a disc with PDFs with a classroom license for printouts. 

Aligning IEPs Package

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Features and Benefits

  • Discusses and examines IEP goals and objectives with examples