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Aligning IEPs to State Standards

Aligning IEPs to State Standards | Special Education


A guide for writing meaningful IEP goals aligned with core content areas

This current, practical resource explores the linkage between state and federal requirements, state standards, and general education curricula and shows how academic areas can be accessed while addressing the studentís IEP goals.

A clear framework for aligning IEP goals, assessment, and academic content for students with a moderate or severe intellectual or developmental disability is described. The bookís content focuses heavily on language arts and math, but also gives additional examples for science, social studies, self-determination, and assistive technology.

This resource:

  • Clearly defines how to align assessment, instruction, IEP goals, and academic standards
  • Provides examples of IEP goals and objectives aligned to ELA, math, social studies, and science standards from various state standards, including but not limited to the common core state standards
  • Illustrates concepts using case study examples of aligned IEPs for students with moderate and severe disabilities
  • Provides suggestions for current assistive technology that will support students who are nonverbal, have physical disabilities, visual impairments, or other special needs
  • Describes how to embed self-determination goals in a studentís IEP

Aligning IEPs to State Standards

Aligning IEPs to State Standards
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Features and Benefits

  • Main concepts include alternative assessment, academic and functional performance, and standards-based IEPs
  • Examples of meaningful IEP goals and objectives provided
  • Describes integration techniques for self-determination goals and assistive technology