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Aligning Life Skills to Academics Program

Aligning Life Skills to Academics Program | Special Education


A skills-based curriculum with 650 short lesson plans and worksheets which can be incorporated into general education curricula


  • An indexed directory shows all 650 worksheets
  • Life Skill Lessons book includes all 650 activities
  • Printable PDF files for the worksheets and activities
  • Document Software tool for managing the files

This program consists of three components:

  • The Document Software Tool helps teachers review and print out all 1300 documents plus create student or class files containing especially relevant lessons and worksheets.
  • Life Skill Lessons. a printed directory of the lesson plans, and
  • the Worksheet Directory, as printed directory of the worksheets.

A great way for teachers to address life skills in the general classroom and for special education teachers to align life skills instruction to the general education curricula.

By Dr. Ellen McPeek Glisan, a veteran life skill teacher and successful author. Document Software Tool on Win/Mac CD with a Classroom License for printouts. Directories are covered spiralbound books, Life Skill Lessons, 230 pages; Aligning Worksheet Directory, 180 pages, 2008.

Aligning Life Skills to Academics Program

Aligning Life Skills to Academics Program
Price: $145.00   SRP: $149.00

Features and Benefits

  • Aligns with general education curricula in math, science, health, social studies, and language arts
  • Includes the Document Software Tool, Life Skills Lessons, and the Worksheet Directory
  • Each lesson may take as little as five minutes with worksheets assigned as extension activities, homework, or independent practice