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All About Autism DVD Series

All About Autism DVD Series | Special Education


Four popular autism videos on DVD. Autism Times Two profiles Jo and Darnell Cauley and their two sons with autism. This is their story of tribulations and triumphs. Straight Talk About Autism features interviews with kids with autism and their parents. The program is divided into two DVDs: Childhood Issues and Adolescence. In Asperger Syndrome, expert Tina Lyama, MD, explains the symptoms of and strategies for coping with Asperger Syndrome. The video also spotlights Andrew, a bright middle schooler who shows it's possible to develop appropriate classroom skills and behaviors while maintaining his unique personality. In Autism Spectrum Disorders, Glenis Benson, PhD, presents her developmental perspective covering: Cognitive style, diagnostic characteristics, social behaviors, communication skills and deficits, support strategies, and challenging behaviors.

All About Autism DVD Series

All About Autism DVD Series
Price: $129.00   SRP: $139.00

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for parent or staff training
  • Includes:Asperger Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Autism Times Two, and Straight Talk About Autism