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Auralia 4 & Musition 4 Academic

Auralia 4 & Musition 4 Academic | Music Education

Auralia 4 & Musition 4 Academic

  • Publisher: Sibelius
  • Grade Level: 4-Adult
  • Platform: Win
  • Item #: 93669
Price: $229.95   SRP: $249.00


Auralia's interactive lessons make ear training easy and fun. It guides students through hundreds of graded exercises and gives instant feedback. You can even play or sing answers using a MIDI keyboard or microphone. Auralia automatically marks the exercises so students can use it on their own, freeing up hours of teaching time. It even records student results so you can monitor their progress over time.

Musition 4 is a comprehensive music theory and fundamentals package for music students of all ages and abilities. Musition's interactive teaching makes learning music theory fun and easy. The structured drills and instant feedback create a stimulating learning environment, enabling students to achieve their maximum potential. Complete with 34 topics and sophisticated record keeping features, Musition is the ultimate music theory training and testing tool!

Features & Benefits

New! Auralia 4 for Windows and Mac

  • Hundreds of exercises in 41 topics
  • Support for multiple syllabi
  • Level customization
  • Enhanced notation
  • Bright new interface
  • All the features of Auralia 3.5

New in Musition 4.0 - significant new features, including updated
and expanded lessons, new interface and available for both Windows and
Mac platforms.

  • Music theory training & testing
  • Makes theory fun & easy
  • Automatic assessment saves hours
  • For all ages & ability levels
  • Hundreds of exercises in 34 topics
  • Ideal for exam preparation
  • Create your own levels to suit your students' abilities
  • Customize content to suit a specific syllabus

System Requirements

**Proof of Academic Affiliation required when ordering**

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later, Mac OS X 10.5 or Mac OS X 10.6