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Better IEP Meetings

Better IEP Meetings | Special Education


A helpful guide for facilitating productive IEP meetings

Regular IEP meetings can provide reassurance for everyone involved, or they can cause negative feelings and cause participants to lose confidence in the IEP process. In their new book, Dr. Cynthia Herr and Dr. Barbara Bateman carefully consider how to make your IEP team meetings better. This book presents a clear, three stage framework:

  • Preparing for the meeting
  • Conducting the meeting and developing a legal and educationally sound IEP
  • Ensuring the provisions required by FAPE are implemented after the meeting

A great book to help you foster positive communication with families and other IEP team members.

Softbound book, 126 pgs., 2006.

Better IEP Meetings

Better IEP Meetings
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Features and Benefits

  • Outlines a framework for a successful IEP meeting
  • Discusses preparing for the meeting, conducting the meeting, developing legal and educationally sound IEPs, and ensuring provisions required by Free Appropriate Education for All (FAPE) are met