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Better IEPs

Better IEPs | Special Education


A guide to understanding how to design appropriate individualized education programs

A newly revised and enhanced Fifth Edition of the ultimate guide to understanding IEPs from a legal standpoint. A classic in its field, Better IEPs presents a focused, three-step process that zooms in on the individual student. The book dismisses out of hand the one-size-fits-all approach that is too often mistaken for proper procedure in today’s schools. Gives all educators confidence and know-how to develop competent IEPs.

Written by Dr. Barbara Bateman, an attorney and professor emeritus and the number one expert on IEP law in the United States, and co-authored by Dr. Mary Anne Linden.

Softbound book, 171 pages., fifth edition updated 2012.

Better IEPs

Better IEPs
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Features and Benefits

  • Presents a three-step process for focusing on individual student needs to create objectives