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Building Electronic Portfolios

Building Electronic Portfolios | Special Education


A guide for teaching students to make electronic portfolios for IEP meetings or job interviews

Students today are being encouraged by IDEA updates to get involved in their own IEPs. Helping students understand and participate in their own IEPs gives them self-determination skills that prepare them for successful futures. Here’s a simple way to teach them how to make their own electronic portfolios so they can achieve that goal in impressive fashion.

Using presentation software such as PowerPoint, students learn to create attractive presentation software slides about their work experiences, skills, interests and accomplishments to show at IEP meetings, to classmates or prospective employers.

Authored by Professor Susan J. Glor-Scheib of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Covered spiralbound book, 90 pages, 2006. Includes a Win/Mac CD with printable PDF.

Building Electronic Portfolios

Building Electronic Portfolios
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Features and Benefits

  • Helps develop self-determination skills and prepare for the future
  • Offers suggestions for creating digital slides about work experience, skills, interests, and accomplishments
  • Education for All (FAPE) are met