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Class Set Gears

Class Set Gears | Science


How does a bevel gear, a belt gear or a rack and pinion gear work? What happens when the transmission ratio changes? Young students age 7 and up can investigate these and many other questions using 15 models and twelve experiments. The models can be set up quickly and easily in the classroom and can be used optimally with the help of the ready-made tasks and solutions.

  • Main topics simple gear types/ratios, directions of rotation, types of motion of gears
  • Includes downloadable teaching and activity materal (free download)
  • Set includes gears, bevel gears, rack, belt, chain, axles, building blocks, base plate 120x60 mm.
  • Ideal complement: STEM Gear Tech

Class Set Gears

Gears: Class Set
Price: $529.00   SRP: $540.00

Features and Benefits

How does a cone gear, a belt drive or a rack and pinion drive work? What happens if the gear ratio changes? Young researchers can discover the answers to these and many other questions through 15 models and twelve experiments. The models are quick and easy to build in the classroom, and the pre-designed tasks and solutions are a great addition.

Set contains collection of 16 individual trays of parts (recommended: 15 student units, 1 teacher unit). Each tray of parts can be used by 1 to 2 students at a time, depending upon teacher preference. All 16 trays come packed in two sturdy fischertechnik “Box 1000” storage units, with baseplate lid.

Students will be able to build 12 instructional gear-based models, including: drive output, bevel gear, crown gear, belt drive, rack gear, belt gear crossed, worm gear, gear transmission with detent chains, gear transmission 2 gears, gear transmission 2-1, gear transmission 3-1, gear transmission 12-1, gear transmission 3 gears, thrust crank gear, belt transmission.

Includes access to tutorial materials with 15 different experiments.

Total 1600 components.

Age 7 and above.


The class sets are optimized for regular lessons at the elementary level, designed for group work with two or more students and each dealing with a specific, technical topic. A class set, consisting of 2 blue BOX 1000, contains 16 identical individual sets, so that, for example, 15 pupils (or groups) and one teacher can be equipped with one set. Each individual set is stored in a clearly arranged tray with a printed sorting insert for uncomplicated back-sorting. These trays can be taken to individual work stations by the students to promote a smooth teaching process. Accompanied by teaching materials which include lesson plans and task sheets with educational plan references, the CLASS SET Gears is ideal for teaching technical content at the primary level.