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Click to Read: All About Me

Click to Read: All About Me | Special Education

Click to Read: All About Me

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5 Pack
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The relevant, concrete stories in Click to Read: All About Me teach self-awareness to learning challenged students in early childhood through post-high school. Encourages the uniqueness of each student while supporting social work groups. Four stories cover senses, emotions, individuality and grooming. Core vocabulary and concepts in each story:


I Am Me: Teaches what makes us similar, different and unique

How do You Feel?: Happy, sad, excited or mad, and how we react to our feelings

Using My 5 Senses: See, taste, touch, hear and smell as we make ourselves a treat!

Looking Good!: Building self-confidence with grooming and appearance

Features & Benefits


Large, simple graphics

Color-coded picture communication symbols facilitate learning

Three reading levels

Works with mouse, touch screen or switches

Lots of clear speech prompting, correction and reinforcement in male or female voice

Designed by speech pathologists

See the Click to Read page for a description of the program activities.

Also available in the money-saving Click to Read Bundle.

System Requirements

 System Requirements

A Macintosh running MacOS 10.4 or newer, or a PC running Windows XP or newer. Supports keyboard, mouse, touch screen, and up to 3 switches