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Connections and Reflections Book

Connections and Reflections Book | Special Education


A set of 12 short stories and photographs linked to history, philosophy, art, literature, and poetry

Connections and Reflections presents 12 thematic photographs and personal essays linked to history, philosophy, art, literature and poetry. These short, beautifully written nonfiction stories lead students to discuss and research a wide range of topics and resources. The essays range from A Zoo Revisited to When Air Turns to Wind.

When author Karen Altpeter was in school, she constantly felt like she was missing something—the big picture. The studying she did seemed so narrow, like examining the veins on a leaf without ever imagining a tree, much less the forest. Her intention in writing Connections and Reflections was to help kids like her—kids who learn much better when connections are made to a bigger picture.

Karen is a writer and fine art photographer who has worked as a photo editor for National Wildlife magazine and National Geographic Society and for 20 years produced Canon camera ads depicting endangered wildlife species worldwide.

A Full Court Press Book. Softbound.

Connections and Reflections Book

Connections and Reflections Book
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Features and Benefits

  • Presents a variety of nonfiction stories for student discussion
  • Helps students expand their thinking and perspective