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Cooking to Learn 2: Integrated Reading and Writing Activities

Cooking to Learn 2: Integrated Reading and Writing Activities | Special Education

Cooking to Learn 2: Integrated Reading and Writing Activities

  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
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Reading Level1 - 3.5Interest Level1 - 12

TheCooking to LearnSeries is integrated reading and writing activities that motivate students to learn basic reading and writing skills with the fun step-by-step cooking activities and corresponding worksheets in these three books. The easy-to-follow recipes offer life-skills experience as students prepare food themselves using common inexpensive ingredients.

Each recipe features illustrated and non-illustrated activities to allow teachers to use the same lesson plan with students of varying abilities. Recipes in each book include a selection of breakfast, lunch or dinner, snack and dessert, and drink choices.

Practical Skills

The simple, real-world activities were designed to provide hands-on ways to help students improve sequencing, reading comprehension, vocabulary, expressive language, problem-solving, written language, and social skills. Multiple-choice activities prepare students for standardized test formats.

Cooking to Learn 2includes 29 more recipes, an Index of Skills, and an Assessment Checklist. Recipes include breakfast burrito, cheese bread, tuna melt, fruit pizza, raspberry twists, red lemonade, and more.

Lesson Format:

  1. Materials Needed (Food and Cooking Items)
  2. Directions (Preparing the Food)
  3. Comprehension Questions (Multiple Choice)
  4. Comprehension Questions (Short Answer)
  5. Cloze Activity (Fill in the Blank)
  6. Writing Activity (Essay)

Program Components Include:29 Recipes, Lists of Safety Rules, Activity Sheets, and Assessments.

300 pages 8.5" x 11" softcover 2001

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