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Daily Reading Comprehension Books

Daily Reading Comprehension Books | Special Education


A series of short, nonfiction stories for each day of the academic school year.

The books are arranged by date: Semester 1: September 1 through January 14 and Semester 2: January 15 through May 31. Each nonfiction story, written at a third to fourth grade level, describes an event that happened on that date and is followed by comprehension exercises.

The software presents the books' same high interest, easy-to-read stories in a multimedia format to support struggling readers.

Daily Reading Comprehension Books an excellent resource to share with parents for home-based reading practice. Stories and activities can be photocopied or printed from the PDF. Each book is reproducible and includes a downloadable PDF for quick printouts. Comprehension exercises feature crossword puzzles, word pyramids, fill in the blanks and true/false questions. A related research option for each story encourages students to use a dictionary, atlas or encyclopedia to gather additional information.

Daily Reading Comprehension Books

Daily Reading Comprehension Books
Price: $129.00   SRP: $149.00

Features and Benefits

  • Stories are written at a 3rd-4th grade reading level
  • Describes an event that happened on each date with follow-up comprehension exercises
  • Ideal for photocopying and sending home as homework
  • Software offers a read aloud option while highlighting text and monitoring progress