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Dollars & Sense Clothing

Dollars & Sense Clothing | Business Education


You get all the Dollars & Sense activities, plus Fads and Fashions a simulation in which students will view clothing in a variety of stores and buy what fits their needs, tastes and budget. As they shop, the program will create a summary of what they bought in each store, what it cost including sales tax and if they paid with cash or credit.

Dollars & Sense Clothing

  • Publisher: CW Publications
  • Grade Level: 9-Adult
  • Platform: Mac/Win
  • Item #: CWP012
Price: $77.00   SRP: $80.00
5 Computer License
Price: $158.00   SRP: $160.00
Building License
Price: $275.00   SRP: $280.00

Features & Benefits

Each Dollars & Sense title includes these materials just for the teacher.

- Lesson Plans
Step-by-step lesson plans for using the whole program or just the activities you need.
- Examination
A reproducible exam so you can test what your students have learned.

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7

Mac OS X (Power Macintosh G3 processor or higher)