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Dollars & Sense - The Money Series

Dollars & Sense - The Money Series | Business Education


Teach your students financial literacy

The updated Dollars & Sense Series has
everything you need to help teach your students how to make positive
financial decisions and live in the real world. Each title
in this outstanding series includes the following activities for your

  • A tutorial with integrated questions

  • A unique, real-life simulation

  • A math challenge with 4 levels

  • Creative writing assignments

  • A trivia game with 5 categories

  • A careers exploration

  • Video presentation & games

  • A comprehensive glossary

Dollars & Sense - The Money Series

  • Publisher: CW Publications
  • Grade Level: 9-Adult
  • Platform: Mac/Win
  • Item #: I2504S
Single License
Price: $236.00   SRP: $240.00
5 Computer License
Price: $470.00   SRP: $480.00
Building License
Price: $820.00   SRP: $840.00

Features & Benefits

Five comprehensive titles for teaching your students financial literacy:

Saving & Investing

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7

Mac OS X (Power Macintosh G3 processor or higher)