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Economics: Teacher's Guide

Economics: Teacher's Guide | Special Education

Economics: Teacher's Guide

  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 20214

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Reading Level3 - 4.5Interest Level9 - 12

This unique program was designed for students who need help learning the concepts covered in basic economics courses. This standards-based program appeals to struggling readers in high school, ESL, and adult literacy classes. The low reading level; sophisticated page layout; and age-appropriate, up-to-date, visuals makeEconomicsaccessible to students with limited reading skills.

The 150-page, Economics: Teacher's Guidehas 96 student worksheets that reinforce each section of the student workbook. Students master reading-comprehension skills while answering content-area recall questions; researching significant people, places, issues, and events; and expressing opinions through writing. Worksheets include matching, multiple-choice, true/false, crossword-puzzle, and word search activities. The program also includes quizzes, a final review, a final test, and complete answe