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Edmark Telling Time Program

Edmark Telling Time Program | Special Education

Edmark Telling Time Program

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A resource with nine progressively challenging lessons for learning to tell time

Product Features:

  • Provides 95 reproducible skill pages with score sheets and instructions
  • Lessons offer a step-by-step, self-correcting, research-based model
  • Includes practice with digital and analog clocks
  • Ideal for individual and small group instruction

Features & Benefits

Time Telling teaches students to read standard and digital clocks, plus write and say the time of day. Basic time telling is broken down into 95 discrete skills, with each skill taught step-by-step using a self-correcting method, developed from years of research. Time Telling is appropriate for individual or small group instruction.

The 95 reproducible skill pages are divided into nine progressively challenging lessons, each with score sheets and instructions. Lesson One begins with number recognition, while Lesson Nine requires the student to “read” clocks to the minute.

Concepts Covered:

- Match digital clocks

- Match analog clocks

- Tell time to the hour

- Tell time to fifteen minute intervals

- Tell time to five minute intervals

- Tell time to the minute

Covered spiralbound book, 131 pages. Includes a PDF on Win/Mac CD with a Classroom License for printouts, 10 self-correction envelopes, and a TimeWheel practice clock. Updated in 2007.